Hi, I’m David... or Dace if there are too many David’s around.

I’m on a mission to be one of Australia’s best software engineers. What does it mean to the best? I think its a bit of you know it when you see it, but here is what it means to me:

  • Dedicate myself to the technical craft of software engineering. Over the next 10-20 years gain deep expertise in how to make a difference in people’s lives with software.
  • Accumulate wisdom and share it freely and widely. Seek out opportunities to work with great people, lead interesting projects and solve tough problems.
  • Be somebody who people want to work with because I get shit done and because I’m nice and kind.

For nearly a decade I worked in the social impact sector trying to make a difference in the lives of people in my community. I left the social impact sector because I longed for deep technical expertise. At 30 I needed a change and started on a long term journey to become a software engineer. First through rigorously learning the foundations of web development at Launch School. Then, after two years and thousands of hours of early morning study sessions, I managed to wrangle my way into a job one of Australia’s best software companies - Ferocia.

For the past 3 years I’ve helped build Australia’s most loved banking app, Up. I have work across a lot of different areas, but I’m most proud of building tools that help our award winning support team do their job.

Outside of work I’m studying more foundational computer science over at CS Primer and trying to get out of my hermit hole and build some relationships in Perth.